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    Nov 3 2018

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RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk. The risks include: the lack of liquidity in this market in terms of being able to realise investments and the loss of the value of investment. When you invest any loss in value will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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My Club

My Club is dedicated solely to creating income for grassroots sport clubs.

Investment closes only once the total pledged amount passes the minimum of £1,000,000

Total Pledged: £100,000


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Grassroots sport is generally recognised as being important for the health of the nation and as a feeder for semi and professional clubs who represent a significant part of the UK economy. Such sports clubs also provide a social infrastructure, which is an important part of the UK society. Despite this, grassroots sport is under-funded, and these clubs and their members face a constant financial struggle.

The challenge of funding sports clubs also extends to the semi-professional and smaller professional clubs. In fact, it is not until reaching the rarefied heights of professional sport where one finds clubs with true financial stability. Even at that level, financial strength and stability is normally only found at those who are heavily sponsored or invested in “ultra-clubs”, if you will, such as Manchester City.

In 2013, MyClubBetting.com Limited (MCB) was established to provide grassroots sports clubs with an opportunity to raise funds through a novel route. Subscribing clubs were provided with their own customised betting and gaming site, which featured their club’s branding and social media feed. MCB worked with the clubs to promote this service to their members and supporters, then shared the resulting profits with them. In January 2016, a second version of the betting product was launched. In this version clubs were able to create their own betting sites by simply putting their name, logo, colours and social media links into a Club Management System.

MCB has now evolved from this initial offering to developing the technology further to form a club ‘portal’. This means that instead of the club creating its own betting site it will now use that same technology to make its own portal. This offering is now referred to as My Club. The portals have an increasing number of products attached to them which clubs and club members can access. The betting product remains a very important cornerstone product, but this service is now provided by 21 Bet providing a major upgrade to include casino and virtual sports. My Club now offers a sports kit and equipment shop, an energy comparison service,a funding offer, rail travel offers and My Club will soon be adding a sports insurance product and international property offering. Many other services that have been either sourced or My Club has been contacted about will be added. My Club anticipates that there will be around forty such offers by the end of 2018 – all available through the portal.

The clubs share the profits or commissions generated by their members or the club itself, usually benefitting by 20% of the funds received by My Club.
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Deal Manager
Michael Whyke

  • Sector: Technology / IT / Software
  • Region: UK: South-East
  • Stage: Early stage - early revenues, pre-profit
  • Eligible Tax: EIS
  • Board Requirement: Will consider further board appointments
  • Pre Money Valuation: £17,700,000
  • Share Price: £1.50
  • Originator: My Club
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Originator: My Club

Deal Type: Equity

About: My Club is dedicated to assist underfunded sports companies generate income.

Contact Name: Michael Whyke