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Is there any cost to submitting a Proposal for Review?

No, there is no cost or obligation of Submitting a Proposal for review.  If, after meeting with us, the discussion is to Post the deal live on the platform, you will be asked to sign separate Terms of Business.

Will my Deal get posted live on the site automatically?

No. We will only post deals on the Platform once you have undertaken a review, completed the due diligence and signed separate Terms of Business.

What happens if the MINIMUM amount is not achieved?

Then the Round cannot close.

Can I raise more than the MAXIMUM amount?

Possibly, although this needs to be fully disclosed to all potential investors.

Can we change the valuation (share price) whilst the Deal is Live?

You can reduce (but cannot increase) the valuation, although this will be reduced for all investors who have pledged.  It is not advisable to reduce the valuation mid-deal as it can appear desperate.

What are the average time frames involved in publishing a Deal and receiving investment funds?

Usually around 3 months.

Is the information (SUBMITTED INITIALLY) uploaded treated confidentially?

The information submitted on the platform will be reviewed by internal parties only.  It is best not to submit commercially sensitive or highly confidential information on the platform.

Do you sign NDAs?

We are afraid not.  It is best not to submit commercially sensitive or highly confidential information.  Should your deal be published, all Investors registered on the Platform agree to treat all information as confidential and we control who has access to the Secure Data Room.

How do you control who sees what on the Platform and protect the Company from competitors downloading information?

Should your deal be published, all Investors registered on the Platform agree to treat all information as confidential.  We have a full audit trail of who is looking at what.  Also, they have to REQUEST access to the Secure Data Room, and we only provide access once we (and you) know who they are.

Who can I contact to see how my Proposal is going?

We will do our best to contact you within 5 days of submitting your Proposal, but please bear in mind we receive 100+ proposals a month.

Are you authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority?

The platform is operated by Envestors Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 523952).  Unless stated otherwise, Envestors Limited manage regulatory matters.

When will my Deal be posted on the Platform?

Once all the documentation has been agreed by the regulated entity signing off the financial promotion.

Can we change information once the posting has gone live?

You cannot change information once posted, but you can post UPDATES and add new documentation.  For regulatory purposes, you cannot change information once the deal has been published.

Who manages the legal side of the deal?

Your lawyers will be responsible for preparing the investment legals e.g. the Articles of Association, Subscription Agreement and Shareholders Agreement (together “The Investment Agreements”).  These documents will form the basis upon which Investors invest.  If you do not have lawyers, we can make recommendations.

Do I need to be eligible for SEIS/EIS?

Not necessarily but it helps.  Please refer to SEIS/EIS Tipsheet for more information.

EIS/SEIS. What SEIS/EIS information will I need?

You will need either Advanced Assurance for SEIS/EIS Confirmation Letter from HMRC, or SEIS 2 / EIS 2 form – in the name of your company.  Please seek legal and tax advice.


Welcome to the Investing Members Group of the Chairman's Network! The Chairman's Network, a trusted partner to Non Executives and the Board, was founded by Caroline Hayward in 2003 to address the business needs of Chairmen, CEO's and Independent Directors in the SME sector.


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